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This is an important question, because the purchase of a car and the costs related to using a vehicle represent the second largest household expense. A good way of making a choice is to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Buyer's profession: are you buying a car for private use, for use in your own business, or as someone with a liberal profession?
  • Financial and practical aspects: what is your overall budget in relation to the use of the car? How much is available for the down payment? What is the real interest rate? Which services do you want to enjoy?
  • How much do you use your car: a little (fewer than 10,000 km a year), an average amount (about 15,000 km a year) or intensively (more than 30,000 km a year)?
  • How long do you want to keep your car: for a long time or do you prefer to change cars regularly?

Once you have answered all these questions, consult one of our Sales Advisors. They are all experts in the field and will advise you to the best of your interests. 

Statistics show that 70% of private parties choose a financing scheme for their car. The remaining 30% opt for cash payment.

The choice these financing scheme depends on 3 criteria and the importance you attach to each of them:

  • Interest rate;
  • Down payment;
  • Budget of monthly instalments; 

Warning, borrowing money also costs money.

Representative example of an instalment loan from 02/05/2018 until 02/07/2018: APR of 0,99%, fixed debit interest of 0,99%, without charges. Cash price including VAT : €17.155,31 down payment: €4.725,31 credit amount: €12.430,13 term: 36 months, 36 monthly instalments of € 350,55. Total amount payable by the consumer (without taking into account downpayment): €12.619,90.